Thursday, May 25, 2017

Yisa 郁可唯 ~ 21天 21Days MV

Yisa Yu sings this moving track about surviving 21 days after a painful breakup.

Justin 林亭翰 ~ 不可能不愛你 Love you No Matter what MV

Justin Lin sings this sad ballad about still loving someone after a breakup.

Tanya 蔡健雅 + Elva 蕭亞軒 + A-mei 張惠妹 + Sandy 林憶蓮 + Na Ying 那英 + Rainie 楊丞琳 + A-Lin + Dee 徐熙娣 ~ We Are One MV

Chinese pop divas Tanya, Elva, A-mei, Sandy, Na Ying, Rainie, A-Lin, and Dee come together for this moving track to bring awareness to gay rights.

Joker 薛之謙 ~ 動物世界 Animal World MV

Enjoy this interesting song from Joker Xue's latest album.

Jocie 郭美美 ~ 光陰 MV

Jocie Guo sings this emotional ballad for the Chinese drama "Star April 繁星四月".

LuHan 鹿晗 ~ Say it MV

Enjoy this nice new track from LuHan with a new take on everyday life.