Saturday, January 20, 2018

Cindy 袁詠琳 ~ That's Alright MV

Cindy recovers from a breakup in this nice track.

Tanya 蔡健雅 ~ 貪圖 Pursuit of Happiness MV

Tanya Chua sings about the complex pursuit of Happiness in this lovely track.

Joyce 朱主爱 ~ 莫名其妙愛上你 Fell In Love With You Ridiculously MV

Malaysian singer Joyce Chu unexpectedly falls in love in this cute track.

Acrush ~ I'm sorry MV

Acrush is sorry for not confession their love in this nice track.

Tiger 胡彥斌 ~ 你要的全拿走 Take Everything You Want MV

Enjoy this emotional ballad from Tiger Hu.

Hyolyn 효린 ~ Dreamy love 스쳐간 꿈처럼 MV

Hyolyn sings this dreamy track for the Korean drama "Money Flower 돈꽃".