Saturday, November 18, 2017

EXID 이엑스아이디 ~ 덜덜덜 DDD MV

Korean girl group EXID is back with another hot track.

Block B 블락비 ~ Shall We Dance MV

Dance with Korean boy band Block B.

Hwang Chi Yeul 황치열 ~ Rewind 되돌리고 싶다 MV

Rewind through time with Hwang Chi Yeul's beautiful vocal.

Kim Nayoung 김나영 + Din Din 딘딘 ~ The Package 더 패키지 MV

Kim Nayoung and Din Din sings this sweet track for the Korean drama "The Package 더 패키지".

VICTON 빅톤 ~ Remember Me 나를 기억해 MV

Korean boy band VICTON wants to be remembered in this nice track.

A-Lin ~ 最佳男主角 Best Actor MV

A-Lin sings this emotional ballad, feeling everything is just lies and acting in the relationship.